Short Haircuts 2020: Peaked, Curly, with Highlights and More!

Short haircuts are on the rise without a doubt! I'm sure there is someone from your family or from the circle of friends who has surrendered to the short locks. Or, maybe, you are the one who used the scissors on the threads! For more references, check out: different bob styles

Short hair

Historically, women have kept their hair long, while men have had greater flexibility in the size of the strands.

Thus, smaller hairs were seen as male characteristics. However, this has changed a lot recently.

In the 1920s, flappers broke several taboos! Among them, that female hair needed to be long, as in previous years.

In this way, they inaugurate the century with several different types of short cuts. Among them, the Chanel cut was very famous , which is still very popular today.

Short Hair Cuts

We have followed the evolution of short hair over the last century. But, what can be considered a short haircurt ?

According to Viktor I, hairstylist and Ambassador L'Oréal Professionnel of the Vimax Beauty salon: “If it is possible to shape the locks, they are already considered short”.

In addition, the expert says that the strands can be called short from three centimeters in length and up to three fingers below the chin.

Bob Hair

The updated version of the 1920s Chanel haircut comes with the front end larger than the back of the hair.


The famous “joãzinho”, is that very sharp cut, leaving the threads very close to the head. It's ultra modern and cool.

Chanel Straight

This is a classic beyond stylish. This time, the Chanel cut has straight lines along the entire length of the hair.

Short Hair Models

The practicality of short hair is undeniable. Less length, less work to care for, isn't it?

In addition, the smaller threads have a very special charm that manages to please women of the most varied styles.

Anyone who thinks that you can't be super feminine, elegant or even sexy with short haircuts is wrong . Quite the opposite!

Short hair can be the highlight of a woman's femininity, elegance and sensuality, in combination with other elements. Want to see?


The peak is a cutting technique that creates several layers in the hair.

Thus, some strands are smaller than the others and this ends up visually reducing the volume of the hair. Therefore, it is highly recommended for curly women who want to increase the height of the cut.


Until very recently, there was the - wrong - idea that it was not possible to cut the curls short. This is because curly hair tends to have a natural volume and, therefore, with the reduced size it would not have enough weight to "get down".

But that is just a great injustice to the curls. As we have seen, in the 1960s and 1970s, black women claimed their right to loosen crepe and curly hair. Today, new women's movements seek the freedom of curly hair.

With Bangs

There are several fringe models and they all look great with short hair. Let's see the main types?

The traditional frayed look is very modern and stylish in short haircut .

For those who like a stronger and vintage footprint , baby bangs or straight bangs, cut just above the eyebrows and in a more straight line, are a great option.

For those who prefer a more voluminous fringe, the Brigite Bardot style, which goes down the sides of the hair, is a super charming alternative.

The side fringe also follows the length of the short strands in a graceful way. Bet for a very elegant look!

And of course, curly hair can also get bangs. Although many people are still afraid, it is possible, yes, to cut the front part of the hair with curls. The result, by the way, is wonderful!